May 2022 Classic Constructed League!

May 2022 Classic Constructed League!

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Welcome to the May 2022 Classic Constructed League!

League Structure
League starts: May 2nd , 2022

Every Monday at 12:00pm EST you will be paired with an opponent. 

You have 7 days ending at at 11am EST Mondays to complete one classic constructed game with that opponent in the Kitchen Table TCG server tables.

Game 1 - May 2- 9
Game 2 - May 9-16
Game 3 - May 16-23
Game 4 - May 23-30

Cut to Top 16 will happen at 11:00 am on May 30.
You will have Until 8:30pm EST on May 31 to play your top 16 Game
The Top 8 will take place May 31 at 8:30pm EST.

(Please do not use private chats as we are trying to build a community in which people can watch games played to learn how to play =))

Each round win will gain you 3xp as an Armory event. 

Your opponent will appear on GEM, and you can find your opponent discord server listed in a pinned comment in #cc-league-announcement


Prize Support

The winner will receive the CF Promo that is most closely connected to the current armory kit as well as a KTTCG "CHAMPION" Custom Playmat which will look like a wrestling belt with the 3 fabled Gems on it. It's going to be very cool. 

Second place will win a WTR Unlimited Booster box!

3rd-10th- Will receive a RF Armory Promo.

Participation prize: Everyone who plays will receive a sticker representing this months league. I will be adding some random promos this month as well. 



Do I have to be a patron? - NO! If you are Local to the store in the Teays Valley WV area, you do not have to be a patron. However, if you are not local, you do need to be a patron to be involved in KTTCG events. $5 a month gets you access to a lot of fun things, but events are just bonus things to help create a fun community that actually interacts with one another. You can see a list of perks at

How do I connect with my opponent?-  All games will take place on discord. When you sign up, you will include your discord handle. There will be a pinned list of names and discord tags in the "#August-cc-League" chat in the discord. Utilize that list in order to connect with your opponent. 

What if my opponent doesn't show up or will not communicate? - If you are having a tough time getting in touch with your opponent, please reach out to me at Lounumber4#7932 or one of our judges in the server. We will handle this on a case by case basis. 

How do I report my win or loss?- All wins and losses should be tracked and reported  in the GEM software. Please contact me if you have any questions. 

Can I play if I am not a US resident?- YES! But please consider that most participants will be US based, so the time lines might work better if you are more flexible in that direction.